Sunday, August 22, 2010

A T-shirt at Last

I have finally finished a t-shirt! woo woo!

Butterick 3634 Front

It's based on this Butterick from 1978:

Butterick 3634

I like the raglan look in the front. The shoulder comes over from the back. I always struggle with getting the shoulder seam in the right place (I have very square shoulders that are forward which seems unusual. I used to think I was broad shouldered, but I think that's not actually true, I'm just very square rather than sloped.

I also like that there's a center back seam for better shaping. I still need to make some tweaks to the back for my rounded back. I have to say that I kicked butt on the stripe matching on the back and sides!

Butterick 3634 Back

The fabric is a cotton/lycra knit that I bought at The Fabric Fairy at least 18 months ago (maybe longer.)

I had to rip out the shoulder seam and re-do it after a few hours because it was driving me nuts and I'm glad I did. The neckline was just too drape-y beforehand. It's still a little saggy but not so much that it irritates me.

Next up: planning for Halloween!!! (I noticed I did not blog last years's costume for my daughter which won 2nd place in the Pattern Review contest!) shocking! and also an outfit or two to wear to my cousin-in-law's wedding in New York.

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havenmaven said...

Nice work, Lady! Love the color-way.