Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goth Bride

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I made Greta a "Goth Bride" outfit for Christmas this year. Basically it's a long white dress! I used a vintage pattern and made it floor length and added a godet because the skirt wasn't too puffy and I thought it needed some walking room.
The sleeves and skirt of the dress are made from an eyelet I used this summer to make a shirt (that I still haven't put buttons on!) The eyelet fabric had scalloped selvedges so I used that as the bottom: NO HEMMING! ha ha The bodice is a terrible white satin (fray fray fray!)

I used some old white shirts to make some leggings and a top to wear underneath. Greta ended up leaving the house wrapped in a piece of red fleece. Hopefully she'll be warm enough!

I made the veil using some swiss dot from my stash (sadly, not enough of this to do much of anything, so it was sacrificed for the cause!)

Friday, October 19, 2007

what's going on

I'm not seeing my flickr pics. hmm, must investigate.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

1943 dress

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Here's the 1943 dress I made to wear to Chris's wedding this weekend. (still need to make a hotel reservation!)

I found the PERFECT hat at an estate sale on Saturday. $14 (which is more than I usually pay, but I figured it was okay since I also bought an armload of patterns for $.25 each. I also bought some Vogue knitting mags which have sold pretty well on ebay which also helps justify the price of the hat.

I need a haircut though. The hat does not work with hair this long.

My review is up on

I entered it into the vintage sewing contest but there's no way I'm coming close to winning. There are some really gorgeous couture dresses!