Sunday, August 22, 2010

A T-shirt at Last

I have finally finished a t-shirt! woo woo!

Butterick 3634 Front

It's based on this Butterick from 1978:

Butterick 3634

I like the raglan look in the front. The shoulder comes over from the back. I always struggle with getting the shoulder seam in the right place (I have very square shoulders that are forward which seems unusual. I used to think I was broad shouldered, but I think that's not actually true, I'm just very square rather than sloped.

I also like that there's a center back seam for better shaping. I still need to make some tweaks to the back for my rounded back. I have to say that I kicked butt on the stripe matching on the back and sides!

Butterick 3634 Back

The fabric is a cotton/lycra knit that I bought at The Fabric Fairy at least 18 months ago (maybe longer.)

I had to rip out the shoulder seam and re-do it after a few hours because it was driving me nuts and I'm glad I did. The neckline was just too drape-y beforehand. It's still a little saggy but not so much that it irritates me.

Next up: planning for Halloween!!! (I noticed I did not blog last years's costume for my daughter which won 2nd place in the Pattern Review contest!) shocking! and also an outfit or two to wear to my cousin-in-law's wedding in New York.

Monday, March 08, 2010

I've got your fit, right here in my pants!

I had my first pants fitting class tonight. I got the tissue fitted. I added a lot of tissue to the pattern including in the length which seems odd. I don't think I have particularly long legs. I guess the Butterick Connie Crawford patterns run "short."

I have a pretty significantly tipped waist, so I still need to do some figuring at the waistband.

When I bought the pattern for my fitting class, I also bought a pattern for a knit pant. I hope I can use what i learn in the pant fitting class to make a nice pair of lounging around pants.

I'm not sure if I'll buy fabric or use stash. I definitely need new black pants. I have some black wool in my stash, but that might require lining (an also potentially dry cleaning!) I have some purple twill, but I think purple pants are pretty impractical! (ooh, alliterative!) I guess I should do some digging to see what I have before I buy anything.

At an estate sale this weekend I bought a few patterns including some pretty groovy early 1960s knee length shorts. I think if i actually get the fit right (aka, big enough in the inner thigh) that I could actually wear shorts! I don't know because I hate the crotch creep.

Off to sleep and dreams of fitting pants!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

quilt top for Sacha

quilt top
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Just in time! My cousin had her baby on Thursday and I had the top and most of the bottom done by then. I still need to finish this up. I'm not sure how to quilt it though. Maybe just straight lines since i haven't done any quilting in a long long time

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wow, time flies and quilting.

So, I have been a very bad blogger, sucked into facebook and other social media.

One friend and two relatives are pregnant so I've decided to make baby quilts! There are so many cool quilt patterns floating around the internet and in books.

I bought fabric, but before I could start on the quilt, I forced myself to work on some UFOs. A burda wrap blouse and a refashion of a fleece jacket into a vest for Greta. I still have a skirt that needs to be done (waistband and hemming and maybe a lining) but I'll do that after quilt #1 is done.

I'm working on the Daisy Mae quilt from Valori Well's book first. Not sure who it'll go to. It's not super "baby" which I think is better anyway. The quilt will be 42" x 60" which is longer than most baby quilts. I decided to use that dimension because the baby quilt that Greta uses the most is that size. (it's an eye spy type quilt with a US map panel on the back.)

I've got all my fabric squares and strips cut out. So, soon, I begin to sew!