Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wow, time flies and quilting.

So, I have been a very bad blogger, sucked into facebook and other social media.

One friend and two relatives are pregnant so I've decided to make baby quilts! There are so many cool quilt patterns floating around the internet and in books.

I bought fabric, but before I could start on the quilt, I forced myself to work on some UFOs. A burda wrap blouse and a refashion of a fleece jacket into a vest for Greta. I still have a skirt that needs to be done (waistband and hemming and maybe a lining) but I'll do that after quilt #1 is done.

I'm working on the Daisy Mae quilt from Valori Well's book first. Not sure who it'll go to. It's not super "baby" which I think is better anyway. The quilt will be 42" x 60" which is longer than most baby quilts. I decided to use that dimension because the baby quilt that Greta uses the most is that size. (it's an eye spy type quilt with a US map panel on the back.)

I've got all my fabric squares and strips cut out. So, soon, I begin to sew!