Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not Enough Fabric Woes

I finished my muslin and am happy with the fit of McCall 5314. It has a circle skirt and thus requires nearly 6 yards of fabric.

The fabric I wanted to use is six yards, but in two cuts, so I couldn't get it all out of that. Then while talking about clothing in hot climates like North Africa and India, I realized that I could use my sari fabric for this since Saris are usually at least 6 yards long.

I had to squeeze and do some piecing but I got the pattern pieces cut out tonight! whew!

The sari is a faux-bandhani ((printed design, not truly tie-dyed). I have a real badhani scarf that my husband bought in India back in 1995, but sadly, it totally rotted and had to be thrown out.

I made good use of the border print, with it running down the edge of the wrap skirt.