Monday, March 08, 2010

I've got your fit, right here in my pants!

I had my first pants fitting class tonight. I got the tissue fitted. I added a lot of tissue to the pattern including in the length which seems odd. I don't think I have particularly long legs. I guess the Butterick Connie Crawford patterns run "short."

I have a pretty significantly tipped waist, so I still need to do some figuring at the waistband.

When I bought the pattern for my fitting class, I also bought a pattern for a knit pant. I hope I can use what i learn in the pant fitting class to make a nice pair of lounging around pants.

I'm not sure if I'll buy fabric or use stash. I definitely need new black pants. I have some black wool in my stash, but that might require lining (an also potentially dry cleaning!) I have some purple twill, but I think purple pants are pretty impractical! (ooh, alliterative!) I guess I should do some digging to see what I have before I buy anything.

At an estate sale this weekend I bought a few patterns including some pretty groovy early 1960s knee length shorts. I think if i actually get the fit right (aka, big enough in the inner thigh) that I could actually wear shorts! I don't know because I hate the crotch creep.

Off to sleep and dreams of fitting pants!

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