Sunday, December 14, 2008


I cut out the lining for my skirt to wear to BIL's wedding. I thought to my self: oh, I didn't mark the darts, so I pulled out the pattern pieces and found out I'd cut out the pieces for view A rather than view C!

Luckily, I bought enough lining to cut out two skirt's worth. I labeled the wrong lining for a future skirt and re-cut out the proper pieces.

I also cut out the facings from the wrong set. But now that i think about it, I will probably do a regular waistband because faced waistbands seem to shift around and slide up. I still need to get some grosgrain ribbon or twill tape to reinforce the waistband.

I also cut out two muslins for my top. I may actually wear a tucked in shirt. I'm going to ask Dave which one he likes better (hopefully he will be able to see beyond the weird pattern of my muslin fabric (it was the only chiffon-y, silky thing in my stash.

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