Saturday, November 08, 2008

good stuff

I bought 3 yards of stretch wool gabardine, 4 yards of pinstriped black wool (with two green stripes), 7 or 8 yards (I forget) of plain wool gabardine and 3 yards brown wool which was not labled stretch but sure feels stretchy for $47!!! at the Pendleton outlet! woo!

Also, our friend Karen called and she had tickets to the Doc Martens warehouse sale and I bought a Greta a pair of boots and three pairs of mary janes (including 1 a size too big to grow into) I got a pair of mary janes, a pair of red wedgie sandals and a pair of cornflower-ish blue wedge heels. Dave bought a pair of brown shoes too. Total cost $180 for 8 pairs of really nice shoes! woo!

now I have to rethink what to wear to Mike and Sara's wedding because I have these cool cornflower blue heels that I could wear.

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