Thursday, November 29, 2007

Advent calendar!

Advent calendar

I finished this advent calendar a few days ago. I've been working on it in semi-secret for a few weeks now.

The background is cream cotton (plain and a small calico print.) The tree is various soft green fabrics (a velveteen, some babycord, flannel) I had in the stash of scraps, I quilted the background and the trees using my sewing machine.

The pockets are random red fabrics that I embellished with the days of the month. Some are embroidered, others are beaded. There are some with sequins.

The ornaments are made of felt. I tried to make them Christmasy but not snowy (because I've always disliked the idea that Christmas = snow because I grew up in and currently live where it does not snow at Christmas.) There are no snowmen! boo!

I am missing two ornaments in this pic. There's a tree in my sewing room and something else is missing but I don't know what! Maybe I'll make a little dog or cat to go with the mouse/rat.

check out my flickr for more pics (very high res versions so you can see the ornaments.)

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Harmony said...

I love this! I am making one this year, and I am feeling very inspired by yours! Thank you!