Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nothing comes between me and my Calvins!


Here's Greta looking crabby in her new Calvin Klein jeans! I finished these a few days ago.


The pattern is a bit different than most kids patterns in terms of size. There's 4 inches difference between the waist and the hips (for this size 5, the it was a 19" waist and 23" hips!) Frankly, I don't know any kindergarteners who have waists that much smaller than their hips.

At first, I made the waist too small (too tight elastic) and had to let out the elastic on the back yolk. (You can't see it in the picture here because my model was being uncooperative.)


The changes I made:
Lengthened the legs a bit
Added a little tab on the back.
Used a rivit/button instead of a sewn on button.

What I did wrong:
The back pockets are not even. I think you can see it in the back view but it's not so noticible considering she's in constant motion!
I put put the buttonhole on the waistband too high. It worked out, but doesn't look so great.

I think they're pretty good looking jeans. I plan to make these again in some of the soft baby-wale cord I got at an estate sale in December.

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Debbie Cook said...

Very cute jeans, and you're model is cracking me up ... don't all models have attitude anyway??