Monday, November 13, 2006

Burda 9373 - Christmas Dress.

A Christmas Dress


Pattern: Burda
Size: 116
Fabric: two different stretch corduroys

This pattern was a snap to put together. The instructions are very clear although I didn't follow them exactly. The insturctions call for a zig-zag top stitch on the skirt but I thought that would cause the corduroy to buckle so I used a plain straight stitch.

I like that the pattern reminded me which way is "up" on corduory.

I also like that the neckline uses a self-front facing and bias tape facing on the neck. I hate facings so it was nice to see this method in the instructions.

Greta picked out the fabric and buttons for this dress (I would not have chosen such pointy buttons!) She'll be taking it to Alaska to wear for Christmas with the grandparents.

My daughter said while I was making the dress that wanted a top that in her words "flares out at the bottom." She drew me a picture of what she wanted and luckily, it is quite simmilar to View B of this pattern. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this one.

I should be able to add some different details (like piping between the layers and doing two layers of flouce) and use some "wilder" fabric choices to give it that "Euro Boutique" look rather than the "Country Christmas" look the current version of the dress has.


Susan said...

I can't believe how old our daughters are and look, too!

Love the Christmas dress - you are very ambitious. I like to sew, too, but my sewing tends to be relegated to dolls and Halloween costumes.

For Halloween Elek was a black spider with an orange tummy (made from fleece) and Anais was Tinkerbell made from the coolest fabric with all these tiny jewels. Yes, I need to upload photos of them to my website! Elek's costume started with a pattern that I modified, but Anais' I made from scratch. I tend to make my own patterns more often than not, but that's probably because I'm not good at reading store bought patterns!

You've inspired me - I'll have to try and make a few things for Anais - besides costumes!

Vicki said...

No darts, but gathers. It will be fine. And when you are through, it will be beautiful. This is a glamor dress that happens to be fun.

Good luck, and enjoy.